The Process Journal: We Belong Everywhere with Reggie Black Podcast Cover Art

After launching “We Belong Everywhere with Reggie Black” and sharing 10 episodes I felt it was time to evolve and enhance the brand identity. The technical aspects of starting a podcast comes with it’s challenges to begin with.  In addition to understanding how you want to present your platform, learning how to set up links/feeds properly, and scheduling conversations with guest, designing cover art is a very important part of the experience to consider as well. 

Often times when seeking to launch a project perfection is the goal. However, I prefer to launch projects “as is” to avoid talking myself out of shipping the work, or delaying the release. 

Progression is the goal, not perfection. There is always a chance to build out our work, evolve and become better. Waiting for the right time is a false reality that stops us from creating our best work. 

Observing the previous cover art to “We Belong Everywhere with Reggie Black” (see below)


I wanted to design a new artwork that pushed the boundaries. Launching a podcast is interesting. There are several ramifications that you are advised to adhere, but with the rapidly growing number of podcasts I feel that it’s the creators obligation to do what’s necessary to push the limits. The world of podcasting is a saturated market, and every podcast should have a unique identity to offer something different.  

“We Belong Everywhere with Reggie Black“ is visceral, ambient, raw, honest, and unscripted. The goal is to usher in new layers of conversations. I wanted to achieve those same qualities with the cover art design. 

Below you will find stream of images that will take you from the original concepts, to some of the initial sketches, progress shots, and finally to the finished product.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 06.31.06.png


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Introducing The Process Journal.

The Process Journal

A free writing, stream of conscious deliverable designed to share the thoughts, inspirations, references, and processes of my work. 

The Process Journal will range from sharing behind the scenes content for my typography, scrawl, and illustration work, as well as my journey to become a graphic designer. 

The Process Journal will also be a platform to share my thoughts as I learn various design programs, and to show the work that goes into my commission projects. 

Something like a digital mood board, diary, and sketchbook all together. A transparent look into the process. 

Packaging Commission : Gallery Drip 'Cold Drip Coffee'

More. My goal is to create more. More original art. More products. More tangible items for everyday use. More physical experiences that can live out in the world. 

Back in March, I was commissioned by my great friends at Gallery Drip Kaffeetographer here in Bangkok to help them recreate their packaging labels for their Cold Drip Coffee. Their initial idea and concept was centered around me using the Thai alphabet and recreate it in my style. After weeks of practice, I failed. Well, for now because eventually I will be able to create that design. Learning a new language is one thing, but to write it is a completely different story. The Thai alphabet is a very unique and interesting composition. I enjoy the finesse it takes to create it and ensure I could deliver, I needed more time with everything. It will take time, but I’ll conquer that quest. 

What I sincerely admired about the pivot during our project was that the owners of Gallery Drip said “it’s okay just bring style.” During this process I learned a lesson that I hear a lot of artists, and graphic designers talk about: work with clients that allow you to bring your style, because that’s what’s unique. However, there was still this shadow of failure following me because I couldn’t deliver the Thai alphabets. 

All of those defeated ideas gradually started to fade. I started thinking about the process that Gallery Drip goes through to produce their Cold Drip Coffee and used that as inspiration for the new direction of the design. It takes 12 hours to brew a batch of Cold Drip Coffee. Drip by drip a brewing station funnels water through the grounded coffee beans. Such a simple, timeless but more importantly bold way to brew a batch of coffee. Their customers understand that this is their method and they wait for the final product patiently. I used that thinking as inspiration to create a design that would complement the brewing process and the experience of consumption. 


It’s very clear that Gallery Drip wants to focus on the quality of the coffee, and the packaging needed to reflect that as well. I also wanted the design to reflect a level of being bold, yet honor simplicity.

Gallery Drip has recently introduced the Cold Drip Coffee to their customers with the new packaging design. I hung out there earlier this week, working with them on product shots. If you are in Bangkok, swing by and have a few cups of coffee with them. Grab a Cold Drip Coffee as well. 

Gallery Drip Kaffeetographer is located on the lower level of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre Tuesday through Sunday 11am-9pm. Closed Monday

Written by Reggie Black

Art Direction by Koychanika Trithaworn, Ohohh Huatoh, and Reggie Black

Photography by Reggie Black


Four weeks is ONE month. 
Today marks the ONE month anniversary of the TED Residency. 
Everyday I've been jotting down ONE word that describes my feelings for each day. 
I figured it would be fitting to share with you all through a hand lettered post the journey thus far.
It's been a lot, but all I know is that I belong right where I am and I'm staying right there.

Interview with "The Creative Life"

Recently did an interview with Stef Gonzaga on "The Creative Life." We covered a lot! 

Started at the beginning of my journey, explored things I struggle with and my fears. We touched on mental health and addiction. We also discussed my mentors, and one of the biggest challenges I think artist struggle with. There's a lot more going. It's a quick read, check it out. 

It's a quick read, check it out here

Appreciate the feature Stef! 

Studio Sessions.

Embracing the sunrise of a new day here in the studio. Restocked on some of my favorite tools. Working through new ideas for upcoming releases. 

I'm rapidly learning, the faster I write the more intention goes into the work. It's more human, and flawed. There's beauty in imperfections. I'm also learning that I don't have to judge the work, just continue to show up.

"Keep Trying Until You Find It."