Introducing My New Exhibition: [Back]

Photo By: Shantay Friend

"Colliding Words" Mixed media on Herschel Supply Co. Backpack Canvas is the first piece of my ongoing traveling installation. Each piece of art created for upcoming travels will create an overall collection.

Over the course of the next 5 weeks this installation will exhibit in five new markets. I'm showcasing my art in parts of the world that it has never been before. Here's the schedule:

Dec. 20th - Dec. 24th 2015 Melbourne, Australia
Dec. 24th - Dec. 29th 2015 Queenstown, New Zealand
Dec. 29th - Jan. 2nd 2016 Christchurch, New Zealand
Jan. 2nd - Jan. 10th 2016 Sydney, Australia
Jan. 2nd - Jan. 16th 2016 Bali, Indonesia

Travel is an essential component to the work that I create. Art and travel merges the worlds of inspiration which generates new ideas, opens new realms of exploration, develops interesting narratives, and most importantly creates opportunities for me to meet new people and work with other artists.

There's this huge notion that creates this barrier between artist and showcasing our work. Generally speaking, the overall consensus is that art has to live in a gallery, and we have to be picked to show our work. That's not true. Art belongs in public spaces and it needs every chance it can get to interact with people, spark conversations, and create dialogue. Most importantly, we as artist must use what we have, and create our own opportunities.

Throughout this trip, I'll be constantly creating art. I'll also connect with a few amazing artists to collectively create. My goal is to share with the world the results from my perspective as I travel the world through art.

I'm not sure if there are many people that know about me or follow my work in Melbourne, Sydney, Queenstown, Christchurch, or Bali but if there is please reach out and let's connect during my time in the respective cities. If you happen to know anyone in these places please share this with them. I'll be happy to connect with them!

You can follow the journey on Instragram | VSCO | | Twitter | Facebook |  Snapchat@iamreggieblack

The goal was and always be to inspire.