Pop-Up Experience: Gallery Drip Kaffeetographer Series

To celebrate the release of the first prints from the "Gallery Drip Kaffeetographer Series", this past Sunday I did a Pop-Up Experience at Gallery Drip Kaffeetographer. The overall concept was to connect art and the culture of the environment where the art lives. 

The medium took a really cool turn. I decided to explore and create an experience through live painting and manipulate the prints by watercoloring them with coffee from around the world. As a continue to discover my strengths as an artist and work on improving my weaknesses, I thought it would be great to integrate a tangible experience (a strength of mine) with opening up my creative process to the public (a weaknesses of mine I'm constantly working on.) Art continues to evolve and as things move along, I think it's very important to build an experience around the creation of the art. 

This series was inspired by the permanent exhibition of my work at Gallery Drip Kaffeetographer. Each quote is original lettering artwork that comes from the public mural I did at the coffee shop. The postcards were hand pulled and screen printed by The Archivist. They were produced on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell 270gsm Archival Paper. 

The limited run of prints will be available for purchase at Gallery Drip Kaffeetographer. If you're around, stop by to grab some amazing coffee and interesting hand crafted art from markers throughout the Bangkok creative community.