Formally Introducing "Discovering Through"

In preparation of recent travels to Melbourne, Queenstown, Christchurch, Sydney, and Bali I packed a nice collection of artistic mediums to create with. My intentions were to paint a lot, and experiment with several ideas that I have stored. Underestimating the rigor of travel, I didn’t get as much painting done as I expected. It’s interesting while you’re traveling you want to take some days off just rest, but when you’re on the road everyday counts and you have to absorb as much as you can. It’s a constant downloading period as long as keep your eyes on the world. 

However, something else interesting happened. I didn’t paint as much but I reconnected with my love for photography which is an art form that influences my work 300%. Documentary, life, and travel photography are areas of expression I love to explore considering my obsession with observing the world. Photography gives me a chance to share “visual perspectives” with the world. Photography grants me the space to allow another artistic discipline to live within my world while working on areas that need improvement: being present, storytelling, output consistency, narrative composition, and appreciating the world around me not being consumed by the world on my iPhone screen. It’s amazing when we allow things to unfold at their own pace, we free up space to receive other things we need to improve who we are all together. 

Every element of art and design inspires me. As I evolve as an artist, I can see various components aggressively making their way into my life and my creative delivery. Several months ago, I jotted some ideas in an idea book of mine. A few months ago, I tested those ideas during my trip to Singapore.

The overall concept was to figure out a way to connect art and travel. The concept stood on the idea of intersecting the two, and showing the world from my perspectives through all angles of art and design. 

Therefore, I like to introduce ”Discovering Through.” 

“Discovering Through” is a visual exploration that will tell the stories of various cities I travel to through art and design. All of the images are (and will be shot) on my iPhone6. Every city will have it’s own artistic identity, and each story will be told through a completely different art and design form. I’m extremely excited about the birth of this idea and the execution to come.