From An Unknown Perspective:

Upcoming Exhibition

From An Unknown Perspective:

A Human Experiment Through Documentary Photography

October 24th - Oct 29th 2016

Beijing, China

As I continue to seek new directions for my work, I am really intrigued by creating intersections between art and travel to start conversations about various issues of the human condition. I am also intrigued by the ability to redesign artistic experiences in order for creativity to dwell amongst the wireless world we live in today. There are so many ways for us as artists to grant ourselves permission and figure out ways to get our work out in the world. 

From An Unknown Perspective is an on-assignment documentary photography exhibition created to artistically address our issues with trust, control, and being okay with things being unpredictable. 

I'll be in Beijing, China from October 24th through October 29th. To execute this exhibition, I will shoot with one Fuji Quicksnap 35mm disposable camera (27 Exposures.) I will photograph Beijing and the rich culture that it has offer. 

Art collectors that purchase images from this exhibition will own one of one original photographs shot during my time there. There will only be 27. No duplicates, and once they are sold that’s it. Upon my return from Beijing, an online store will be created on my website where you can purchase prints of the photography.  

Here’s where it all connects.

Film offers this aesthetic that can’t be reproduced. The shots are very unpredictable. I’m letting go the control of the creative process and just producing the art. I will not know what the photographs look like until they are developed. The collectors are removing the desire to have control over what they purchase and trust the art. They will not know what the image looks like until it’s arrives. Executing the exhibition this way creates this relationship between us where we have to learn to trust each other, the process and the outcome.  

A few questions to think about as we embark on this journey “From An Unknown Perspective” together: 

How much do we trust the unknown? 

Do we still enjoy tangible items and experiences? 

Are we moving so fast that we have forgotten what it feels like to feels like to appreciate things that were created from a present moment?

Have we fallen out of love with the process?  

Can we start holding ourselves accountable to pay more attention to the world around us and consume things with deliberate intentions? 

How much do we trust humanity? 

Venturing out on the ledge with this one. I'm not sure what the response will be, but that's what art is. 

With Love & Curiosity, 

Reggie Black