To be a contribution to humanity is my only objective. To inspire, connect, share, and amplify the voices of others is my mission as an artist. 

As I prepare to launch my biggest global campaign yet, one that proposes one question to the world your help is needed more than ever now. This will be a multi-layered experience that I’ve been planning for two years now. The details will be publicly outlined in due time, but everyone is needed to get things started. We all have to use our voices collectively. 

Are You Using Your Voice? 

This one question will start global conversations. Those global conversations will hold people accountable publicly. From there, we ignite the spirits that live inside of each of us to fight for whatever it is we care about. Together, we redesign the human experience. 

If you find any value in what I create, if my work connects with you at all please donate using the button below to help us all execute this global mission together. 

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