New Adventures In The World Of Theatre...

New Theatre Society Presents “Murder (Un)seen”

I’m extremely grateful and excited to continue to explore new realms with my art. My most recent work takes me on brand new adventures in the world of theatre and visual collaboration as costume designer and artist. 

This week I was commissioned by Dāw who is heavily involved with the production of the “Murder (Un)seen” to work with an amazing team of photographers, artists, and models on a multi-layered experience. “Murder (Un)seen” is apart of Bangkok Theatre Festival 2015. The theatre is inspired by the controversial 2007 murder case of British student Meredith Kercher. New Theatre Society's Grisana Punpeng presents a suspense play "Murder (Un)seen" in his exploration of our perception through mass media and what the reality actually is. It’s accompanied by a photography exhibition showcasing the work of Xie Ren Jay. I sincerely respect Dāw’s juxtaposition to clash these two types of experiences together. I’m also very inspired by the visual direction Xie Ren Jay incorporated to enhance the narrative. 

Dāw and I met at Pecha Kucha after my talk and we both were instantly inspired by the work we were creating. We discussed the opportunity of merging cultures, artistic disciplines. Her visions were mind blowing and I could really tell she was invested in redesigning theatre experiences. More importantly, I was moved by her desire to create things without the permission of the masses. Dāw contacted me later during the week and proposed some ideas to me that I thought were extremely innovative! She proposed the idea of joining Xie Ren Jay and merging my lettering work with her photography. After reviewing Xie Ren Jay’s work I really enjoyed her minimalistic perspectives, dreamy imagery, and her ability to use negative space for the advancement of her photography. I instantly thought merging my avant garde, and bold lettering would really create an unique spin on the overall concept. The goal was capture various human emotions, and feelings generated from the variety of life.

The image above was taken by Xie Ren Jay during a photoshoot this week. The bodysuit that Suchanand is wearing is the work I contributed to the experience. The models in models in the image are Suchanand JongitareeSunny Vorakulsanti and วชร ไกด์ กัณหา.

As the entire staff, and crew prepares for opening night, I would like to extend my gratitude for including me in the project. Thank you Dāw for considering me and extending the invitation. It was amazing to work with everyone and I look forward to supporting this project!

The opening night of “Murder (Un)seen” is November 7th at 7PM. The exhibition begins November 15th at Pridi Banomyong Institute. Please support the project! 

Below is a summary of “Murder (Un)seen” featured in Bangkok Post, written by Kaona Pongpipat

Inspired by the controversial 2007 murder case of British student Meredith Kercher, New Theatre Society's Grisana Punpeng presents a suspense play "Murder (Un)seen" in his exploration of our perception through mass media and what the reality actually is. Kercher's roommate Amanda Knox was first found guilty before later announced innocent years later, and what amazed and triggered Grisana to write the play was how his opinion towards Knox constantly shifted according to every piece of news from various media outlets. While Sureeporn Vorakulsanti plays Sunny, the girl who was murdered, the roommate and her boyfriend, the  murder suspects, are portrayed by Waywiree Ittianunkul and Wachara Kanha. Despite being a suspense,  Murder (Un)seen also has comedic moments provided by Parnrut Kritchanchai who plays various different  roles. The story is told in reverse in the style of a documentary, with clues revealed in each scene throughout  the show, that plays with the audience's shifting opinion and conviction.  Murder (Un)seen is staged at Crescent Moon Space, Pridi Banomyong Institute, from Nov 7-23 (except Tue and Wed) at 7.30pm. Ticket costs 500 baht. For reservations, call 089-789-3962