Ideabook Views.

Back in July 2015, I threw out this term "Idea Book Views" on my Instagram right before a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my little brother Isiah. The concept was simple, to share the things in my "Ideabook." I wanted to use this as a chance to consistently jot down quotes, creatively play around with lettering, sketch, paint, explore, test various methods, try new tools, record anything as quickly as possible, toss concepts out there, just get ideas out of my head, and make! 

Since then, I've been carrying a notepad with me everywhere and uploading some of the results to a section on my website called "Ideabook." 

As of today, I'm committing to share results everyday on my "Ideabook." I want to use this opportunity to practice consistently, receive feedback, discover styles that I enjoy creating, figure out what I like and do not like, and also get better everyday. 

You can access everything by going to my website: and click on the tab that says "Ideabook" or you can visit it directly here:

All feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated and welcomed with love and positive vibrations!