[Back] Powered By "Are You Using Your Voice?" Exhibiting At Mecca Coffee with Kyashi Writes

The world is huge and there's so many amazing artists creating innovative work and really doing all they can to leave their mark on the world. The Internet (Instagram especially) in my particular case continues to serve as a huge connection platform that allows me to discover artists and eventually meet them in real life.

During my time in rainy Sydney at Mecca Coffee, I had to privilege to meet up with Kyashi Orasato, the amazing calligrapher, typographer, graphic designer, art director and mastermind behind Kyashi Writes. I've been following her work and journey as an artist for some time now as she moves from Melbourne to various markets around the world so being able to sit down with her to catch up, have coffee, and create was an amazing experience.

I'm really inspired by her path! You all should follow her and her work! Looking forward to everything ahead Kyashi! 

Jan. 6th 2016