New Home. First Post.

The voice of one of my all-time favorite idols is playing in my head right now: 
"This may work. This may not work but ship it anyway." -Seth Godin
Growing up I had this image and vision of what I thought an "artist" was, and what type of work they produced. Paint perfect lines, draw detailed pictures, create in a fancy studio, show your art in the premiere galleries around the world, and once you did these things you were officially an "artist." 
Up until about 4 years ago, I held close to that notion and believed it. I started to create what I thought my art was but I still battled with the idea of "am I a real artist?'
I am. 
You are. 
Everyone is an artist. 
If you can articulate a story through any creative outlet with truth, vulnerability, and provoke questions to raise more questions, you are an artist. 
My website, and my blog in particular will be a place where I express and share everything about my pursuit of being an artist. No filters. No judgement. Just creativity and shipping my work to the world. 
I'll share things that inspire me here. Things will evolve here often, and that's what excites me the most. 
-Reggie Black