One Year Anniversary! Bangkok!

Over this past weekend, I celebrated my one year anniversary of living in Bangkok! It's been an interesting year. It's been an amazing year full of fast turns, and deep slopes but I'm grateful for each and every one them. 

Bangkok has pulled a lot out of me really quick. It's allowed me to fight my fears, overcome the daily challenges, ship art to the world, dig deep and discover what I want to become without the distractions of others. 

The artistic energy of Bangkok is electrifying. Everyone here is striving to create something. There is no judgement. Art lives without limitations and that is what inspires me the most. 

I'm grateful to be here. I'm grateful to be able to explore this side of the world and share my art. 

Thanks Bangkok for the education, wisdom, opportunities and knowledge! We have so much more to accomplish. I'm looking forward to the time we have left together. 

Khob khun Mark Krab!