Launch Day Melancholy

By the time you get this post, the site will be live. The countless hours I've spent developing, tweaking, and judging this work will all be behind me. New task will be ahead of me. However, before I get ahead of myself I think it's important to briefly share what 'Launch Day' feels like here in Bangkok on October 1st 2015, 1:38pm. 
I woke up this morning indirectly listening to fear. 
This site was not going to launch today because I didn't feel like it was ready.
The extras that were suppose to be included on the site became more important than shipping the work. 
I tried to justify the fear. 
My thoughts were that if I held off for a few more days I could make it perfect, and 'Launch Day' would really "wow" people. 
I asked myself: what if people don't come back to the site after 'Launch Day' and I lose the attention of visitors? 
I beat myself up because essentially elements of the site were not ready. 
Then I got a brutal reality check. 
Following the brutal reality check, I embraced the tension. 
After I embrace the tension, I danced with the fear. 
On October 1st 2015, I launched the site. 
Fear Removed.